Fee Schedule

Formation of Company
Set up new Limited Company      $2000
Company Kit Set      $600
Set up new Limited Company by Guarantee      $5000
Open Bank Account Assistance      $2000
Set up new Off-Shore Company      $7000
Company Secretary Service
Company Secretary      $3000
Registered Office       $2000
Prepare and Filing Annual Return      $1000
Prepare and Filing Others CR Document      $1000
BVI Agency Fee
Company Search      $100
Land Search      $100
Transfer of Shares      $2000
Change Company Name      $2000
Waive Business Registration Fee      $1000
Business Registration Application      $1000
Close a Company 
Deregistration from Company Registry      $3000
Winding Up Limited Company
Audit, Accounting and Taxation
Accounts Bookkeeping      $500
Prepare and Filing Tax Return      $2500
Audit Fee
Business Service
Accounts Receivable Banking Management      $2000
Handling Import and Export Document      $1500
Trade Mark Application      $2500
(The above not including Government Fee disbursements)
Please call for Special Offer