Business Service

We provide other business services, this service includes:



L/C arrangement including transfer L/C, import and export document, bank remittance, foreign currency exchange.

Trade Mark

-          Search and apply local trade mark.

-          Design trade mark. 


-          Arrange interpersonal, translation, professional both helper and promoter.


-          Arrange oversea and mainland advertisement, promotion activities including mailing flyers.

-          Advertisements in newspaper and magazine

-          Arrange oversea and mainland professional with leisure tours and

           local tours (by license Travel Agent.)

Offshore and Agency Services

-         We handle offshore client’s order and dispatch merchandise to all over

           the world.

-            To be the agency of Offshore client to handle their business locally

            and in mainland of  China. 

Representative of Chinese Factories

-         To be the respentative of China Factories to promote their products

           and explore international market.