Formation of Company

Hong Kong Company

Limited Company Registration Terms and Condition:

  1. Minimum 1 subscribes and director, they need not to be Hong Kong resident. But the secretary must be Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong company.
  2. Registration time need about 2 weeks if the subscriber uses their company name
  3. If the subscriber buys the shell company, they just need 1-2 days
  4. Minimum share capital requires is HKD1.00
  5. Initial setup needs:
    a. Set-up fee including company kit (share book, minute book, company’s register, company chop, seal.)
    b. Business registration fee
  6. Appoint director, Secretary
  7. The next and following year needs
  8. Paid business registration fee
  9. Report annual return
  10. Book keeping and taxation

Overseas Company
  a. Shareholder/ director can be only 1 person
  b. Best for holding company